Today complex buildings from residential to high rise commercial require hassle-free solutions on floors & wall which can perform in long term and does not create unwanted trouble. When it comes to flooring solutions such as level screed,  before fixing of tiling or stone or having exposed cement concrete for final use, need to qualify many requirements.


Check the fact for floor overlaying :

  • Building floors that are stable and don’t shrink and develop cracks.
  • Floors which can be made fast and with rapid setting technology.
  • Floors which are heavy-duty and can take a high load of traffic & movement.
  • Floors which are made of recycled raw material and do not deplete natural sources be it water or river sand. 
  • Floors that don't need precious water to cure post-completion.
  • Floors which are suitable for all areas of the building, be it internal or external or parking spaces.
  • Floors which keeps no moisture inside.
  • Floors, which are leveled and fully ready to receive all kinds of finishes such as tiles, stone, or wood flooring without any hassle. 
  • Flooring technique, which saves time and labor.
  • Floors which is are made of low in VOC ( Volatile Organic Compound.) material.
  • Floors which are abrasion resistant and do not wear in a short time.
  • Floors that are low in thickness, lightweight, and high performing.



Recommend solution for Strong and levelled flooring

High-quality screed & flooring products should meet the criteria.

  • It is in compliance with EN, ANSI, ISI, and other similar norms.
  • Very high compressive strength.
  • Improved flexural strength.
  • High abrasion resistance.
  • Rapid setting & quick
  • No water curing.
  • Varied thickness from as low as 20 mm. to 80 mm. or more.
  • Meeting VOC (Loc Volatile Organic Compound) compliance


Which kind of surface product should be usable :

  • Fully dry and stable new or old concrete floors
  • New or old IPS or PCC floors which are sound and stable.
  • Modern stable concrete floors such as Mivan or foam concrete.
  • Industrial concrete floors of all types.
  • Other non-cement floors which are uniform, stable & strong to use Zeorich Base as a non-bonded screed.


Can receive following covering on top :

  • Ceramic & Vitrified Tiles.
  • Natural & re-engineered stone.
  • Wood floors.
  • Carpet & Vinyl flooring.
  • Epoxy-PU coatings.
  • Any other kind of floor.