Our product line which started with 11 high-quality product in 19 different variants have grown significantly in a short span of time, Today wallnut manufactures 16 product in 78 variant for our customers.

We manufacture and develop products that are economical, safe, and environment friendly. Our products increase people’s safety and decrease burdens to the environment, also during their subsequent recycling and disposal. In line with the goal of constantly achieving the best, spreading the understanding of quality in every field and turning it into a lifestyle forms the basis of wallnut quality policy. Raw materials and other materials used in production are controlled and monitored using national and international standards. In addition, physical, chemical and applied product analysis is carried out at all production stages. We use the least possible VOC materials (Volatile Organic compounds) in all our products.

Within the framework of Total Quality Management, by giving priority to people, the contribution of educated and competent employees to the company, contribution to the quality and efficiency activities are provided


Screed Solutions

Zeorich Series Premium
Solutions for all floor screed.

Zeorich Base

Zeorich Base HD

Zeorich Basalt



Premium Adhesives

Calcibond Series : Premium
Solutions for Tile & Stone fixing.

Calcibond ultima

Calcibond Smart

Calcibond Secure

Calcibond Flex

Calcibond Advance

Grouting Solution

Connect & Lock : Premium
Solutions for Tile & Stone grouting

C&L Epoxy Grout

C&L  Crystal Grout

C&L Lite Grout

C&L Stucco Grout

C&L Jewel



Economic Solution

Lite Series: Economic solutions for tiles & AAC block fixing.

Lite Tile

Lite Block

Lite Floor




Our products

Zeorich Series

Calcibond Series

Connect & Lock Series

Lite Series

Tools & Accesories Of Tile & Stone Fixing

Grout Float

Grout Rubber Float / Applicator


Tile Spacers


Trowel for glass mosaic work


Trowel for tiling and stone work