Floor Hardener / Floor Screed

Floor hardener or floor screed  is a molecule structure particles made in size graded details to be utilised by blending in with cement and grit/stone chips blend to give additional hardness to the solid floor without influencing cement properties. Utilised in right extents, it can offer up to twofold additional hardness and 50% additional life to solid floors. specially sized graded particles increase the thickness of the solid structure  by filling off the littlest hole in this way opposing crumbling and wearing out of the solid floor. Floor hardeners have a conventional usability however  it gives greater utility in concrete roads, processing plants and distribution centres, factories & Plants, parking garages, society roads and compounds, train workshops, railway platform, ports, runways and any place there is substantial burden experienced. Floor hardeners are fundamentally accessible in Two variations (1) Metallic Floor Hardener (2) Non-Metallic Floor Hardener.

Non-metallic floor hardener or floor screed are the application which is principally used for areas like overwhelming traffic places,  industrial area where there is substantial transportation progressing, in such areas where loading transaction  is constant, warehouse , vehicle workshop, Processing  plants, for example, Medical or steel, and so forth., Distribution centre,  etc. This application confers practically around 150 % - 200 % more resistance of abrasion as compared to plain cured concrete by becoming integral part of it. By decreasing the porosity it limits the cleaning.

Zeorich Technology

The first in its series, Wallnut is introducing the first range of product Zeorich -polymer modified binder, recycled crushed basalt sand & natural floor hardener. The flooring products most sought-after, which can be used before fixing of tile & stone to create a very strong base or by using mineral floor hardener the flooring can be kept open and can be used as an overlay. The Zeorich product range will transform the entire experience of the tile & stone fixing process with ease of doing work at the site.

Today, most of the building industry is using normal cement: sand mix for the creation of tiles & stone bed in absence of ready to use quality material. Wallnut Zeorich Base & Zeorich Basalt together not only will provide a strong base to tile & stone but also will guarantee the final strength of bed mortar and screed with assured compressive strength.

Zeorich ready to use binder will create different kind of high-quality base floor with final desired quality which can perform within 24 hours to fix on top any kind of tiles / stable stone or any other coverings.

By using Zeorich  BaseHD, a ready to use non-metallic floor hardener, over Zeorich screed, the final floor can have double the strength and become highly abrasion resistance to have any kind of direct impact or traffic on the floor.

Floor base made with Zeorich Base & Zeorich BaseHD are very strong,  have a smooth finish and ready for tiling or stone in just 24 hours or can be kept open for direct use.

Zeorich Products

Zeorich Series

Zeorich Base

Zeorich Base is eco-friendly, light weight, non-water curing, quick drying, high strength, shrinkage-less, mineral based binder in powder form made from natural material to create stable base of screed before fixing of any kind of tiles, stone or other coverings such as carpet, wooden flooring, coatings etc.

The ready Zeorich Base powder must be mixed with Zeorich Basalt or any other kind of quality sand varying size from 0 to 8 mm. along with water in order to obtain semi-dry mortar.

Zeorich Base main Advantages:

  • Guaranteed desire compressive strength as per mix design.
  • Design for base mortar or screed before fixing of Tiles / Stone or any other overlay.
  • Best suitable using as a dry screed on floor to fix any kind of covering on top after 24 hours.
  • Compressive strength from 15N/mm2 till > 30N/mm2 as per design mix for floor screed.
  • Suitable for external & internal areas as underlay.
  • No shrinkages once fully dry.
  • No water curing required.
  • Best recommended to use along with Zeorich Basalt sand or any other kind of quality sand, sized from 0 to 8 mm.
  • Fully dry in 24 hours with moisture less than 3%
  • No need to mix any extra cement.
  • Economic as mortar for doing fresh tiling work with Wallnut Lite Floor slurry adhesive
  • Thickness as low as 25 mm. till 75 mm. More thickness can be applied by choosing mix-design.
Zeorich BaseHD

Zeorich BaseHD is an eco-friendly, high strength, shrinkage less, non-metallic, mineral base concrete floor hardener in powder form used for industrial & commercial floors to create heavy-duty floor surface which is resistance to high abrasion, impact, hardness and also improve the compressive strength of the final surface. Floors made with Zeorich Base HD are monolithic in nature once they are fully cured.

Advantages of Zeorich BaseHD

  • A ready to use surface floor hardener in powder form which makes ease of application and completely replaces the use of any other material on fresh concrete to improve the desire surface strength.
  • The best compatible system to use along-with Wallnut Zeorich Base (floor binder) as overlay heavy duty screed floor.
  • Only dry shake of powder in thickness of 2 to 6 mm. (in two coats) makes floor enough hard to be ready for heavy uses.
  • Very economical in comparison with other method to improve the surface hardens and abrasion.
  • Best in class abrasion resistance certified by external lab. Loss of thickness just < 1.5 mm after abrasion.
  • Improves the load bearing capacity significantly of base concrete floor.
  • Very heavy duty and provide compressive strength of > 40 Mpa on top surface of concrete.
  • Flexural strength of > 6.5 Mpa.
  • Homogeneous, smooth and dust proof top surface of concrete.
  • Being non-metallic, no rusting on top surface of concrete over the period.
  • Low water absorption and porosity compare to traditional concrete surface.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of floor become easy in long run.
  • Option of having Zeorich Base HD in colour to avoid other colour application on final floor surface.
  • Low VOC and suitable for green building.
Zeorich Basalt

Zeorich basalt is Eco-friendly, natural, pure, recycled sand in powder form, made from natural process by crushing best of Basalt stone used in building as aggregates. During the process of crushing, Wallnut selects the desired size of fine particle mix from 0 to 8 mm. for best results.

Zeorich Basalt must be mixed with Zeorich Base Binder to create stable base screed before fixing of any kind of tiles, stone or other covering such as carpet, wooden flooring, coatings etc. Zeorich Basalt can be stored at site for long time and it does not lose its strength.

Zeorich Basalt main Advantages:

  • Certified by Wallnut for best performance to use along with Zeorich Base Binder
  • Sand particle are evenly distributed from 0 to 8 mm. in size for best results
  • Silt contents are within prescribed limit as per IS standard and guaranteed for final performance.
  • When Zeorich Basalt is used along with Zeorich Base, no water curing required.
  • Very good compressive strength based on mix ratio. No need to mix any other kind of sand.