Epoxy grout is made of three-part, mainly of epoxy resins, epoxy hardener, and a colour filler powder. Epoxy grout does not contain Portland cement or water these properties makes it unique as compare to all other options available. The particle used in epoxy makes it more durable in extreme weather condition be it hotter or colder area or region.
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What is tile Adhesives: Tile adhesive is a premixed blend of exceptionally well-chosen ordinary portland cement, well-graded fine sand, and added substances to improve its basic properties for laying tiles and giving it more strength and flexibility
Many a time surface of a concrete floor is not hard enough for the type of use it is put too. The outcome is that it wears or dusts off quickly. It is conceivable to build the life of such floors by use of specific materials known as 'Floor hardener'.
A grout is any gooey, packable material that can be utilised to fill the seams between your tiles & stones in your house, societies, and public infrastructure to make the seam between tile or stones waterproof. It is a mixture of water, cement, sand and is employed in pressure grouting. Grout is a dense fluid that is used to fill gaps into flooring and walls.
 Grouts provide high-quality premium joints between tiles & stone with properties of superior gloss, colour-locking, waterproof & stain resistance & very high strength for life long performance.
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