About us

Wallnut was established in 2017. Since then, keeping in step with structural changes in society and industry, Wallnut has been self-improving continuously and working on the pursuit and delivery of services in response to customers. Through research, innovation, and development, we have been able to create unique innovative products with truly unique properties. This effort has been led by our (Founder & CEO) Hemant Jain, Wallnut was established with a commitment to build a modern India through industrialization. It is with this belief Wallnut formulates the highest quality products and offers unmatched technical advice and customer-centric support.
Our product line consists of advanced adhesives, Grouts, screeds, glitters for Tile and Stone industry, Each Product is designed to meet specific application needs and requirements. We obtain to earn customer confidence by combining our ability to innovate through our efforts, engineering excellence, and a full spectrum of technologies, in-house. Our team of highly skilled & dedicated employees is totally focused on satisfying customer requirements. 

Cooperation on an equal balance: transparency, mutual trust, and fairness define the business relationship between wallnut and its partners. In the spirit of the Chairman, these values are at the core of every company's decision and every action. For mutual success — today and in future.

Our Values

Our values reflect our path in which we run our business: our professional ethics in dealing with our business associates, employees, and society at large.

Professionalism: we are always committed to a high standards in an
organisation and creating professional behavior in succession, a
suitable environment for growth in the organization.

Diversity: We encourage diversity in our work culture to bring enrichment which is essential for organizational growth 

Trust and Transparency
: We discuss important company plans in a timely and open manner. This is the core value for a relationship built on trust with Employee's customers and all partners.



Key personnel has over 25 years of experience in formulating products and finding solutions to problems. Wallnut is aiming for being an enterprise where everyone is working actively and vitally so that customers will continuously select Wallnut as their first choice.

Research and Development

wallnut is actively in the development of new, game-changing products that will continue to change the way adhesives are used. Wallnut invests more than 4% of its total business revenue in R&D every year to actively integrate national and International R&D Expertise, continuing to develop our products and services with “environmental protection”, “innovation” and “Development ”.

Wallnut has 2 quality control center at Gujarat and Maharastra and 1 high-tech R&D center at Mumbai. Upholding a business principle of "Ongoing Innovation", wallnut has invested a great amount of our R&D budget in recruiting experts that are capable of developing products that meet our customers' needs. Our product line which started with 11 high-quality product in 19 different variant has grown significantly in short span of time,
Today wallnut manufactures 16 products and more than 84 variant for our customers.


Wallnut insists on using durable and safe raw
materials and technologies to produce our company's products and perform complete and meticulous
testing on them. In this way, we are able to realise a reliable and credible business culture. In terms of company product outline, we also take “create Bonds, Forever” as our foremost consideration with
an expectation to provide various human-centric
solutions to address our customers’ problems.
We are also committed to creating a cutting-edge technology that brings convenience to our customers' everyday lives.