Premium Solutions for all floor screed. the first in its series, Wallnut is introducing the first range of product Zeorich -polymer modified binder, recycled crushed basalt sand & natural floor hardener.

High-quality adhesive for tiles & stone fixing. Calcibond Series of adhesives come with the assurance of very high quality and in compliance with world-best standard for adhesive


Premium Solutions for Tile & Stone grouting. Wallnut Lite Joint Grout is specially designed for quick day-to-day grouting in tiling areas of normal use and for quick renovation which requires performance for long term

Economic solutions for tiles & AAC block fixing. The main aim for introducing the Wallnut Lite Series of products & adhesive is to provide a cost-effective and simple method of application for fast renovation or fresh work at the site.


" Wallnut creating bond with Tile & Stone Industry. "

Indian Tile & Stone fixing Industry has mostly been using foreign products and technology for fixing of tiles & stone at site. In recent years, due to increasing demand, foreign companies have started manufacturing these products in India. However, major market is still using traditional methods and materials to fix tiles & stone on walls and floors. The industry is also witnessing accelerated change and rapid introduction of a new quality of Tiles & Stone that seems to be difficult in handling and fix at the site. With the rapid change in the building making technology and introduction of various substrates along with varieties of modern tile & stone, simply using the traditional methods is proving to be ineffective for fixing these modern materials.

Founder & CEO : Hemant Jain

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We accept that our actions must reflect with the interests of society. Above all else, we place our products and services in the interests of the safety of people, the economic use of resources, and environment resource conservation.


Wallnut is built on a clear vision: to be the best adhesives
company in India. Our vision, combined with our mission &
beliefs, ground us and set the cornerstone for employee and company success. Wallnut wants to contribute its deeper
understanding of the Tile and Stone industry to reflect on its
customer by its products to “Create Bonds, Forever”.


We are inspired by the desire to develop products that “Create Bonds, Forever,” Beam enthusiasm, that improves the quality of life, and that help safeguard natural resources. Our mission revelation reflects this. It outlines our values, our strengths, and our strategies.
Our mission is based on customer and people-centric values, which shape our corporate culture ranging from a focus on the future and earnings to cultural diversity.
Sustainability and Responsibility are part of this set of values and thus of our actions.

Who We Are

Wallnut is a speciality adhesive manufacturing company with 25 years of experience in the Tile and Stone industry. A strong position in the development and production of Adhesive products for bonding Tile & Stone for construction and infrastructure industry.
In a short span of time, Our products have created a strong position in the market with all our competitors. Wallnut offers all its customer assurance of the long-lasting impact of its product on applied surfaces with future service and guarantees with the products.

Wallnut Technology

Through innovative formulation development, Wallnut manufactures products that offer more value to our customers. In line with keeping its belief for high-quality products, We manufacture and develop all our product range with National (ISO), European (EN) and ANSI (American Norms), and other International Norms.

We follow the cutting edge technology to create product keeping its end usage in our mind as our product usage are different based on Diverse surface, Diverse construction areas, diverse temperature, and heavyweight.

Extra Heavy Duty Technology

Meticulously made for the excellent compressive strength which gives strong flooring solutions for diverse areas.

Zeorich Series Products. 

High Performance Technology

Customized product range made for long-duration performance to cater to all need for performance-based requirements.


Zeorich, Calcibond, Connect & Lock Series product


High Grip Technology

Higher gripping power in the product induced to connect the product with Surface such as plaster, concrete, tiles, stone, or block without any slipedge to ensure full contact and highest gripping performance.

High flexible Technology

product made to be flexible in all weather conditions to provide long-lasting performance against higher external thermal shock endurance.

Calcibond Series Adhesive 

Extra Gloss Technology

Grouts, Made to create perfect finish in joints with the best shine on the surface by adding extra gloss to the floors - Connect & Lock series.

Stain guard technology

Grouts , created to protect all joints to remain stain-free all time and provide the best hygiene to customers in all conditions - Connect & Lock Epoxy grout.

Crystal Clear Technology

Grouts, which is crystal clear compounds and colorless to merge with a different colours of tiles to provide a seamless color effect across the tiling area without any visible joint. 

Wallnut Zeorich series of ready mortar/ screed for flooring

◎ Wallnut Lite series of economic products for every-day use.

◎ Wallnut Calcibond series of high-quality adhesive for tile & Stone

Wallnut Connect & Lock series of grouts.


Stain Guard
High Flexible
Wallnut Crystal Clear logo
High Performance
Heavy Duty
High Grip
Extra Gloss

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Let's grow

Join our goal-oriented team, and enjoy a dynamic and inclusive culture focused on one goal – improving the world around us through our world class products.

33+ City Coverage in India 50+ Employees 500+ PAN INDIA PROJECTS

Work with
big and small

We have gone through training of Wallnut products and all the products are of great quality and performance. We will use ourselves Wallnut products and also will offer to all our customers in Pune area.

Vijay Gadave

Wallnut has brought such fantastic product range that I will be able to compete all the brands in market as Wallnut distributor in market. Within short time I am sure that in my area, I will be leading supplier of Wallnut products range. I am sure that Wallnut will lead the market in short time in terms of quality and service.

Sanjay Parikh

" Although we are now manufacturing firm of building products and in business for quite long time, we could grab the opportunity quickly when learnt that Wallnut has brought exclusive full range of products for Tile & Stone fixing. Wallnut product range goes well with our full product portfolio and compliment well for providing complete solutions to our customers.

Pratik Pandya



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Epoxy grout is made of three-part, mainly of epoxy resins, epoxy hardener, and a colour filler powder. Epoxy grout does not contain Portland cement or water these properties makes it unique as compare to all other options available. The particle used in epoxy makes it more durable in extreme weather condition be it hotter or colder area or region.
Be it ever humble, there’s no place like home.” “Home is Where the Heart is.” These well-known expressions indicate that the house is somewhere that's both desirable which exists the mind’s eye
What is tile Adhesives: Tile adhesive is a premixed blend of exceptionally well-chosen ordinary portland cement, well-graded fine sand, and added substances to improve its basic properties for laying tiles and giving it more strength and flexibility
Many a time surface of a concrete floor is not hard enough for the type of use it is put too. The outcome is that it wears or dusts off quickly. It is conceivable to build the life of such floors by use of specific materials known as 'Floor hardener'.
A grout is any gooey, packable material that can be utilised to fill the seams between your tiles & stones in your house, societies, and public infrastructure to make the seam between tile or stones waterproof. It is a mixture of water, cement, sand and is employed in pressure grouting. Grout is a dense fluid that is used to fill gaps into flooring and walls.
 Grouts provide high-quality premium joints between tiles & stone with properties of superior gloss, colour-locking, waterproof & stain resistance & very high strength for life long performance.
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