In Compliance With:
EN norms – RG (Reactive Grout)

Transparent epoxy grout for fixing and joint filling of multi-colour ceramic & glass mosaic. Also, joint filling for low thickness slab & other tiles & stone.

Wallnut Connect & Lock CRYSTAL Grout is consist of high quality transparent glass crystal, eco-friendly resin & hardener. The grout provides excellent high-quality transparent joint between multicolor mosaic, tiles & stone. The joints provide monolithic colour surface of mosaic tiles & stone. Crystal grout also resistance to chemical, stain & abrasion and does not allow water to go through. As a grout it can be used to fill the tile & stone joint upto 10 mm. on floor & wall. As adhesive   it can be used upto 3 mm. thickness Suitable for internal only.

Advantages of epoxy crystal grout

Crystal clear technology to pass maximum colour & light.

High quality glass crystal provides smooth & glossy surface.

No stain on grout joints.

High chemical & stain resistant.

Hygiene, antibacterial & does not allow fungal growth by itself.

Almost waterproof by its nature. 

Very high compressive strength.

Smooth and shiny flush joints between ceramic tiles and glass mosaics. 

Easy to mix, apply and water cleanable at site.

Durable and long-lasting.

Sag resistant in nature and does not sag from the joint up to 10 mm.

Very low VOC and at part with international norms.

Best to use as adhesive & grout for ceramic & glass mosaic.

Post application no acid or special cleaner needed to clean the surface.

Technical Performance datasheet

In compliance with : EN -RG (Reactive grouts)

Compressive strength : 54 MPa : As per EN 13888

Abrasion resistance : 162 mm3 : as per EN 12808-2

Water absorption after 240 min. : 0.03g : EN 12808-5

Resistance to fungal contamination : High

Resistance to bacterial contamination : High

Porcelain tiles/concrete tensile strength ≥ : 3 MPa : EN 1348

Working temperature : from -40 °C to +110 °C

(Final results @ 28 days. 23* C. & 50% humidity)

• Final resistance to temperature after 7 days or full cure:  - 30 to + 80 * C.     

• The final results may vary based on temperature and humidity.