In compliance with EN  (C2 TE S1)

Grey & white Adhesive for fixing of all type & size of natural stone & swimming pool tiles.

Calcibond Flex is an Eco-friendly, very high polymer modified, highly flexible & deformable upto 2.5 mm., light weight, based on high quality mineral, ready to use adhesive for fixing of all kind of high quality tiles, stable stone & mosaic of all kind including inside swimming pool. Suitable for internal & external areas, Calcibond Flex adhesive is specially designed for doing work where high performance is required with guaranteed performance of fixing on floor & on wall. The adhesive is best in its class to perform especially in external area & for stone. Calcibond Flex must be mixed with water in order to obtain smooth working paste to be used in the thickness of minimum 2 mm. to 15 mm.

Calcibond Flex Advantages

Guaranteed fixing of all kind of les,stone, glass mosaic including in swimming pool.(single adhesive for all applicaon)

High mineral content

Very high content of internaonal quality ingredient.

Long life assurance of performance.

Suitable to use on all cement based surfaces including stable concrete & cement board.

Best for use on industrial floor and in public infrastructure site.

Best for external areas

The extreme white colour for white stone use.

No water curing required.

High coverages with best performance even at 2mm. Thickness of use.

Economic as an adhesive in EN C2 TES1 category and best among its class in Industry.

Deformability upto 2.5 mm

Technical Performance and working data

Norms: In compliance with EN 12004 for Class : (C2 TE S1)

  • Tensile Adhesion : ≥ 3 N / mm2 EN 1348
  • Sheer Adhesion : ≥ 3 N / mm2 ANSI A – 118.1
  • Adhesion after water immersion/freeze-thaw cycle : ≥ 1 N / mm2 @ 28 days EN 1348
  • Transversal Deformation : ≥ 2.5 mm EN 12002
  • Coverage : 90 sft. per bag using 2 mm, thick (1.10 kg/m2/mm)
  • Water Ratio : Approx. 7.25 to 7.5 lt. per bag of 20 kg for grey and white (Data at 23℃. & 50% humidity)