Swimming Pool Construction and Maintenance:

Swimming pools are important recreation spaces for every member of the family Due to busy and hectic lifestyles. it's fun and entertainment for children whereas its rejuvenation & detox activity for adults. In the commercial segment such as hotels and resorts its key features that attract families to zero in on a specific hotel while on a vacation. It's the most shout feature when people searching for hotels, resort or going on vacation with family they look for a good swimming facility. Nevertheless, it is important to choose the right contractors to benefit from the best installation for your dream pool. The perfect contractor will provide and help you with all the technical knowledge and material it needs to make your pool dream reality. Here are some of the most important factors to determine before installing your swimming pool and some expert maintenance guidelines:

The right decision from start to get the right result.

The decision to install a swimming pool at home relatively is a big decision for an individual to consider, once you decide to go ahead with the plan, now comes the next part and essential one which is to decide the correct budget in hand available. For homeowners, the second most important factor is the space for the pool and size to install it.

However Housing societies & commercial establishments such as hotels & resorts the most important part will be deciding the right and appealing design and size as its very important factor in users' decision making. Depending on the above factors you will have to choose which will be the best shape for your dream pool.

There is various size recognized worldwide such as
Rectangle shape,
Figure 8
Grecian pool shape
Free form.

Selection factor and material:

Design and location:

Design is the most essential part while installing pool you need to choose perfect land for your pool design or choose perfect land than select appropriate design for the pool as per the size available. Now define correct dept, size, shape, and filtration system. Filtration is very common and regular practice makes sure you have selected the right area away from any electrical line on the ground, maintain adequate distance from the tree to avoid unnecessary tree leaf cleaning daily as it will be unavoidable isnt it.

For an ideal swimming pool flat surface is the best choice to save some bucks for heavy digging and excavation.

Base / surface Strengthening:

Construction of the pool is most important as this phase decides the look and feel of the pool as well as the lifespan of the swimming pool.

Flattening the surface of the pool is very essential which has to be the perfect and strong base this is essential to maintain the strength it needs to protect from groundwater penetration in the case below water level pool installation.  The surface of the base has to be filled with firm concrete or ready to use compact materials such as Basalt sand, ZeorichBase. Use the material as much as you need as per the terrain you live in. The Surface should have a slope for water for filtration purposes but should not be too much to make the swimmers unbalanced.

Cage Building:

Once the Surface is ready and perfected with the strength it needs. the next is to prepare the steel cage for the bottom and walls. This phase has to be done in singular design principal(Shotcrete Procedure) both bottom and walls need to be made without any gaps in them.  During this stage consider the plumbing system, water drainage system, stairs, tanks, etc to be done as per the design chosen in the initial stage.

Strengthening the concrete and finishing stage:

once the steel cage is finished now its time for putting the most important thing is a place that is giving the strength to the entire structure it needs to hold everything together. Use shotcreting or guniting method with concrete & cement or standard ready to use the material to provide the thickness it needs to hold everything together. The recommendation is to keep the walls and surface as thick (6-inch minimum) as possible to avoid any cracks or leakage. During this stage its important to lets the concrete cure for minimum one month ( You need to keeping spraying water for stronger strength to the entire structure)

Waterproofing & Surfacing (tiling/grouting)

As it says swimming pool you are playing with water now the time comes to keep the happiness intact.  To waterproof your swimming pool, Spray or roll waterproofing membrane. This will stop any water from permeating through the structure.

Since we use tiles, glass, ceramic to give beauty to our dream pool it's of utmost importance to use the best Tile Adhesive. (Cacibond ultima or Calcibond flex) For tile grouting, the Connect & Lock Epoxy grout or Crystal grout is most recommended to give beautiful design and strong joints.

This material helps you to save a lot of money in the maintenance stage as a lot of them have High chemical & stain resistance. Hygiene, antibacterial & does not allow fungal growth by itself so the job becomes a lot easier.

Start the Coping and Patio

Coping is the outer ring of pools edge which can be made with tile, stone, bricks, pavers, or wood. This section has to be done with the best grouting solution as recommended earlier like Epoxy Grout. Tile and other materials such as stone, paver, or wood need to be used with tile adhesive which can be best recommended for wet areas.( Ultima or Flex Adhesive).

Ready to use your dream pool:

yay with all the hard work for months now you are ready to open your pool and enjoy. You need to keep in mind its regular maintenance and upkeep are important to get best experience.

Tips for Maintenance of swimming pool:

Brushing your pool surface
Cleaning out your pool regularly
Running the filter circulation every day

It is very important that you check the chemical of your pool water and balance your chemicals accordingly. Use material which is Hygiene, antibacterial & does not allow fungal growth by itself (Epoxy grout) to keep the algae at bay. Remove debris and vacuum out dirt regularly. if you see any algae developed brush the pool with hard brush preferably steel or any other tool available in the market.

Our recommendation to use epoxy grout is based on the fact during the maintenance yearly we have to acid wash the pool to remove the algae the material has to be High chemical & stain resistant. if correct material is used the maintenance cost is less on your purse.

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