Available colours: Gold, Copper & Silver

To be used with connect & lock epoxy grout and Connect and lock Crystal grout.
Provides metal glitter effect in joints internal, external, floors and walls

Wallnut Connect & Lock Jewels glitter is a high-quality premium metal glittering powder. The grout provides the excellent high-quality transparent joint with glittering effect between multicolour mosaic, tiles & stone when used with CRYSTAL GROUT. It can be used with connect and lock epoxy grout having 23 colours.  The joints provide the monolithic colour surface of mosaic tiles & stone. All grout properties of these grouts will remain the same like abrasion resistance stain resistance etc. Jewel adds the shiny-metallic effect on the joints

Technical advantage of Jewels metallic powder

High quality uniform sized metallic powder.

Excellent light dispersing quality hence looks extra shiny.

Can be used with Wallnut connect and lock epoxy grout having 23 standards premium shades.

Can be used with Wallnut connect and lock Crystal grout (translucent grout).

High compatibility with epoxy and PU system.

Weathering free and long lasting metallic effect.

Uniform size distribution. So the surface distribution will be excellent.

Easy to clean. Easy to maintain.

Product working data
  • Product appearance : Available in 3 different colours Gold, Copper and Silver.
  • Packing : 100 g moisture proof bottle.
  • Shelf life : Will not expire if stored in contaminant free condition.
  • Density : 1.3 g/cc
  • (Data @ 23* C. & 50% humidity)